Why Missional Communities?

Intervarsity Meetings on Monday night, Worship Practice on Tuesday evening, Prayer Calls on Thursday, Youth meetings Friday, Cottage Prayers on Saturday, and Church Sunday morning. Not to mention Mens and Women’s Bible Studies, Large Group Meetings, Workshops and Service Events interspersed throughout the month- how can we possibly fit another event/duty/responsibility/meeting in there? Why do we need “Missional Communities”? How is it different?

There are (at least) 2 very pressing issues facing our generation of Christians today: the source of our joy, and the authenticity of our confession.

It seems that even with our plethora of “Christian events” to choose from and attend, most of us would still consider ourselves ineffective Christians. Most of us do not read the Bible daily. We might pray depending on our responsibilities that week. We serve only when enough people are willing to serve with us, and hardly any of us share our faith with non-believers and are intimidated by the very thought. We live nominally and store guilt for ourselves continually. Meanwhile, we are gluttons of entertainment, binge-watching anything Netflix will throw at us. We are more in awe that Leo hasn’t won an Oscar than the purpose of God today. We’ve built a Pantheon out of the Marvel Universe and gather for worship every few months outside of theaters everywhere. Listen, I am not saying Christians should or shouldn’t watch this or that, but rather that there is a very real question for our generation as to the source of our joy. We live off of the same pleasures as the world and fall trap to the same consumerism and materialism and we don’t look very much different than the world we’ve been saved from. As a result, there is a growing concern over the authenticity of the confession we make of our faith. Do we confess Jesus as Lord? And do we live a life worthy of our confession?

Now the purpose of Missional Communities is to attack the stagnancy and “spectator christianity” often formed by the events and functions we already attend, and create instead a culture and community- founded on jesus, encouraged by the word, empowered through prayer, experienced in communal worship, and bonded through the breaking of bread. We are convinced that what we need is not another ministry or another message, but a COMMUNITY. We are desperate for accountability and challenge from our peers and those older and younger. We were created for it. And all this world is doing is giving us the illusion of community through superficial “social” media and escapist entertainment. We need something more. A lot of us may be growing up in a functioning youth fellowship or church, but we are challenging this generation to be built on CHRIST and not merely just the social structures we’ve built.

What we hope is that through the 6 week course and at least 1 year of being a part of your own missional community with your friends and church and family, we would grow in our spiritual walks and serve in authority founded on gospel. We are hoping that Missional Communities will create a platform for organic and interactive growth in all believers. What if this permeated into our existing ministries at church? What if we got creative and created spaces for people to feel like they are part of a church family and suffered and rejoiced with them? We are hoping that you would take the model/truths/encouragement we experience together and implement them into your churches, in already existing ministries or new ones. We hope and pray that you would join us in this initiative and change our community together!